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Main Features

  FractalFrog solves four time-consuming and
cumbersome challenges all content creators face


Manage videos and libraries
across platforms


Upload videos to multiple platforms simultaneously

Back Up

Ensure your content is never removed and always safe


Sync multiple videos or entire
platform libraries

Why FractalFrog?

All your content in all the right places

Sync past and future content

Protect your creative investment

Expand your market reach

Back up locally and in the cloud

Sync it, forget it

Manage multiple platform libraries

Plans and Pricing

Choose the data plan that best suits your needs based on how much content you have already created or produce regularly.

Pro Subscription


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Frequently asked questions

1What is FractalFrog Backup?

FractalFrog Backup is a cloud-based Amazon Web Service server where you can easily back up all of your data for a small quarterly or annual fee, based upon how much data you need to back up. You can select this option during checkout or you can add this feature later.

2Which platforms are available?

FractalFrog is currently integrated with YouTube, Vimeo, and Dropbox.  Additional platforms and services will be included in future releases.

3How does it work?

Simply set up your library, add and authorize each platform, and you are ready to go.  You can now back up, upload, or sync individual or multiple files.

4How much does it cost?

Upon registration, you will select a monthly or annual subscription fee. You will also select a data plan ranging from 10 GB to 5 TB with options in between. The larger data plans offer the lowest price per GB.

5How much data do I need?

This will depend on the number and size of your videos and the number of platforms you wish to back up, upload or sync.  A typical 10 minute video at 720p averages 200 MB, therefore, the 100 GB data plan would allow you to transfer about 500 videos.

6What happens if I need more data?

A status bar indicates how much data you have remaining in your plan. You will also be notified before a back up, upload, or sync if you do not have enough data to complete it.

7Can I get a refund?

You may cancel your subscription at any time. However, unless you are unable to use the application, there are no refunds for subscription or data plans not used.

8I am confused about Upload, Sync, and FractalFrog Backup?

Sync allows you to replicate your previous content across all supported platforms simultaneously.  Upload allows you, going forward, to have a single place to upload your content which is then sent to the supported platforms.  FractalFrog Backup provides a safe, secure, and independent storage repository to ensure your content is never banned or lost.

ABOUT FractalFrog

FractalFrog is a U.S. based, independent content creator-owned, web service that manages your video content across social media platforms using a single, simple to use management portal.


If you have questions about FractalFrog or if you need support, please contact us.

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